The RTLS-based access control security system of Hyundai Data Center

* The above image is the RTLS screen shown in the integrated dashboard of Epsilon system of WeMB

IndoorPlus + RTLS (Real Time Location and Smart Sensing) solution of People & Technology Co., Ltd. has been applied to the RTLS-based access control security system of Gwangju Hyundai Motor Data Center.

Key features include:

  1. In conjunction with the entrance application system, conjuntion with application approver for entry
  2. ZONE assignment of control zone and security zone by Visitor
  3. When Un-authorizer enters a certain controlled area, Situation room alerts alarm
  4. Foot Tracking Logging of Visitor
  5. Recording Player for Tracking and Tracking Copper of Visitor
  6. Precision Positioning Positioning Precision Error Precision Positioning Performance of around 1.5m Engine – Server Rack Hot Positioning
  7. Virtual Software BLE Scanner engine that extends 1 Physical BLE Scanner to 6 Logical BLE Scanners
  8. Large, big data handling engine with 1 second trace tracking
  9. Various Insight Views including Heat Map, Foot Logging and Marker Logging
  10. BLE Scanner Monitoring, Remote Firmware Update, Policy Change, etc. equipped with many essential elements for operational situations