Nonsan Army Training Center Smart Training RTLS

IndoorPlus+ RTLS locates the each of Korean Army with the military wearable bands.

Moreover, it gathers the human health sensor data as well.

  1. Identify the position and number of trainees, such as barracks, food service rooms, training areas, and infirmary rooms
  2. Collect bio-signals (heart rate, body temperature, etc.) of various trainees collected from the military-band through a BLE scanner
  3. IoT environment sensor monitoring of the training camp is performed through BLE scanner
  4. Identification of risk by analysis of vital signs of trainees
  5. Real-time position of trainees and number of personnel per zone displayed in MAP Viewer
  6. Massive Signal Handling Engine for location and bio-signal collection of 5,400 trainees in 27th and 28th Regions by one Small Server
  7. Security risk through NIS authentication with ARIA encryption solution
  8. Offline Map Viewer: Implements indoor MAP with simple image overlay and does not require a separate internet connection
  9. Implement separate BLE Scanner APP and training management application on Android-based industrial PDA
  10. Virtual Software BLE Scanner function that spreads 1 physical BLE Scanner logically to 3 BLE Scanner