Positioning IndoorPlus + RTLS in Smart EHS Systems

Last week, there was an opportunity to actively review the EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) system. In fact, the EHS system itself is similar to a systematic term that redefines the RTLS system, which People & Technology Co., Ltd. has redefined as Real Time Location and Smart Sensing, from a Safety perspective.

Current RTLS processes multiple Smart Sensing Data as well as Location . Much of the Sensing data being processed is sensor data related to the health of the operator or related to the surrounding environment. Ultimately, the other name for IndoorPlus + RTLS for Safety is the EHS system.

The EHS system is not just an IT system, it is a representation of various processes, methodologies and systems that are motivated by “Safety First”.

In addition, the EHS system aims at preemptive prevention and continuous monitoring and monitoring activities in case of accidents such as industrial accidents, since the aftermath of such accidents causes severe social, economic, and regional issues, . IoT technology is the best IT technology to construct this EHS system.

IndoorPlus + RTLS is the tool to build this EHS system most efficiently. IndoorPlus + 30% of the case studies constructed through RTLS are safety management systems for workers and others. In addition to the confirmation of residues and the safety monitoring system of the LG Display Paju plant, which we are currently conducting, safety is bound to have a close relationship with the location basically. Above all, even if you want to send a rescue team in connection with the life of a precious person, it is not necessary to say that the confirmation of the position of the victim and the victim is fundamental.

At the disaster site, it is important that the location of the person, the number of people located in the area, the main health data of the person, and the environmental data of the area should be updated in real time. So, there are many plans based on data.

Again, People & Technology Co., Ltd. will conduct consultation on business related to EHS system with domestic leading construction company.

We’ll keep you updated from time to time.