Kangbuk Samsung Hospital RTLS-based Hospital Mobile Asset Tracking System

People & Technology Co., Ltd. has built the Mobile Asset Tracking system of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital as IndoorPlus + Real Time Location and Smart Sensing (RTLS) solution. (2017.2.1 system open)

The main features and significance are as follows.

  1. Building of RTLS-based mobile asset tracking system (Mobile Asset Tracking)
  2. By using the BLE Scanner function of SAMSUNG Electronics IoT Sensor WIFI AP (WIFI + BLE Scanner, model name WEA403Si), it meets both requirements of wireless network use and IoT monitoring
  3. Introduce IoT integrated management model to large hospitals, large corporations, and government offices scheduled to be replaced with WIFI APs (reduce management and construction costs)
  4. Nurses, doctors and other hospital staff directly focus on patient care and nursing work, and reduce unnecessary time-wasting factors (1 hour per person / day) to improve productivity
  5. Small Server handles tracking of 500 (500 primary, up to 3000 future) mobile assets collected over 500 APs
  6. Various access means such as tablet access screen, PC access screen, Mobile APP screen for nursing department’s convenience
  7. Implement asset management and mapping functions
  8. Provides data-based insight into the state of asset management in hospitals by providing real data on which assets are most used, searched, and shared, as well as accurate real-time location of hospital assets
  9. Expansion into related services such as patient monitoring (infectious disease) through the construction of RTLS system as Infra
  10. Indoor Navi for outpatients, caregivers, and intelligent guidance guides.