CJ Korea Express(No. 1 Logistics company in Korea) became the first customer of PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY in logistics field

CJ Korea Express has become the customer site of IndoorPlus+ solution of People and Technology.

IndoorPlus+ solution from People and Technology is selected as BLE-based indoor location tracking solution providing location tracking and parking area confirmation in IOT-based trunk car and container hub distribution center of DMS(Dock Management System) of Metropolitan Mega Hub Logistics Center which to be opened in 2018.

In particular, this CJ Korea Express project tracks the location of vehicles and containers in service and dock parking area in the ground and underground of the logistics hub center, where GPS signals do not reach. The system for the first time globally will reduce the total working time of loading and unloading of goods by assigning the closest vehicles to the working dock. People and Technology is in charge of the key solution part of this logistics DMS and the company will bring logistics innovations in daily express delivery.

With this logistic system project People and Technology has further strengthened its position as a leader in Industrial IoT solutions based on tracking people and objects to asset tracking to vehicle tracking.

In addition, it will be able to expand into CJ Korea Express’s existing domestic and overseas logistics hub centers, and has become a leader in logistics IoT, which has been expanding explosively in the mobile and Internet era.

In the future, we will do our best to provide value added service to customers not only in Korea but also overseas by supplying RTLS-based Vehicle Tracking solution.